► Call for applications Rijksakademie residency 2018

Application period: January 1 – February 1, 2017
The Rijksakademie offers residencies to around fifty artists (for one year, with year extension) with the goal of providing space for research, experiment and production. Apart from facilities such as a studio, work budget and stipend, there is a research and production infrastructure. There is no standard program, predominant style or ideology. The Rijksakademie provides time, people and possibilities.
Application is open to upcoming artists with a few years of professional experience after their education.
Application for the residency 2018 is possible from 1 January 2017 by using the online application form on www.residency.rijksakademie.nl.
Deadline for application is 1 February 2017 23:59:59 CET/Dutch time.
This link will be active on 1 January 2017.